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HP ePrint & Share

HP ePrint & Share

HP ePrint & Share is a collaborative Web printing solution that lets you create, print, share and manage digital content from a simple user interface. It’s built around a secure online library you can access from anywhere.

  • Create, print and share .PDFs from one integrated screen. Instead of working with multiple interfaces, you can now create a .PDF from the same screen you use to print. The instant you hit print, HP ePrint & Share creates a print-ready .PDF and saves a copy to your personal online library.
  • Get accurate print previews. Say goodbye to fiddling with page settings and printing multiple test pages. With HP ePrint & Share, you can see what your pages look like onscreen before you print, for perfect printouts every time. Print anywhere there’s a Web connection. You can connect to HP ePrint & Share from any PC with a Web connection. Once you’re online with HP ePrint & Share, you can print to any HP Designjet printer.
  • Share files and manage reviews without email or FTP. HP ePrint & Share lets you share files without the hassle of large email attachments. It’s also more convenient than FTP, because it stores all the files you share and keeps track of who has viewed them.
  • Access HP ePrint & Share from AutoCAD. HP ePrint & Share includes a special plug-in for AutoCAD users that lets you access key features from your AutoCAD menu.
  • Access HP ePrint & Share from Microsoft® Office. You can also download an HP ePrint & Share plug in for Microsoft® Office. It lets you print AutoCAD files directly from Microsoft® Outlook™ and easily print large-format files from PowerPoint and Excel