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Mutoh TexJetPro Textile Printer

Mutoh TexJetPro Textile Printer

Direct Digital Textile Printing Inkjet System

Introducing TEXJET PRO Digital Textile System. The system is so easy to use you can be printing quickly. With a printing width of up to 63 inches and resolution of 1440 dpi, TEXJET system offers high resolution printing of textile with print speeds up to 20 sqm. Combine the high resolution imaging with TJ inks, you will be able to print on most coated textiles with new designs and images you thought were not possible. Included with the TEXJET is the intergrated heat development unit, it has a heating size of 1.60 meters (64 inches) and the ability to heat fix at the same speed as the printer with inbuilt tension controls for the fabric roll. The fixing temperature is usually set between150~160 C, but can be set for lower or higher temperatures depending upon the specific fabric requirements. Tensioning bars maintain tension and allow the imaging of various thicknesses of fabrics; thin or thick. Unlike other heat transfer machines, TEXJET does not require compressed air for operating.

  • 64 inches/1.64 meters wide
  • NEW 4 color drop-on-demand piezo printheads
  • Prints directly onto a variety of fabrics
  • High Speed Up to 200 ft 2/hr print speed
  • Direct fabric fixation---No Paper Needed
  • Includes ink gutter with waste drain
  • Exacting thermostat, tension, drying controls
  • Inline dust/smoke collector