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Mutoh ValueJet 1608HS Board Printer

Mutoh ValueJet 1608HS Board Printer

Introducing the Mutoh VJ1608HS Hybrid Printer with MP inks. A revolutionary Multi purpose ink of PLANT origin that can print on most uncoated surfaces including boards up to 10mm thick using a unique hot air drying technique. Built in Spectrophotometer ensures accurate color always.

Finally there is a flatbed with brilliant result at a reasonable price. Mutoh's ValueJet 1608HS brings you a printer you can use for both car wraps and right subsrtrates with equal ease. Mutoh ValueJet 1608HS printer prints directly onto corrugated plastics, polystyrene, PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate, foam board, aluminum composite, banners, wall coverings, vinyl and more 

Mutoh VauleJet 1608HS uses the New Mutoh MP Inks which uses state-of-the-art resin chemistry and is about 60% BIO based with no heavy metals. MP Ink offers you

  • High performance on vinyl and a wide range of rigid substrates with a wider color gamut

  • A highly stable ink system designed for multiple purposes with improved performance in the printer

  • The only ink that prints to match the characteristics of the substrate- print matte on matte, glossy on glossy and texture on texture ¬†