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Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1624K Eco Solvent  Printer

Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1624K Eco Solvent Printer

The best just got better. The ValueJet 1624 prints up to a blazing 313 sqft / h, giving you a remarkable new printer that is second to none. The eco-solvent ValueJet 1624’s technological advancements set a new standard for large-format printers. Utilizing an all new state-of-the-art print head, this exciting new ValueJet gives you unsurpassed print speeds for a printer in this price range.

Continuing the wave of innovation, the ValueJet 1624 is able to be equipped with the SPECTROVUE VM-10 spectrophotometer. The SPECTROVUE VM-10 is specifically developed for on-printer color calibration. Regular use of the SPECTROVUE VM - 10 can help ensure optimum color reproduction and reproducibility, giving you a higher level of color consistency for multi run print jobs and jobs printed on different substrates.

The new ValueJet 1624 also comes with a movable ink cartridge holder that accommodates both 220ml and 440ml cartridges. The ValueJet line offers additional performance enhancements standard such as improved paper feed accuracy, an exceptional take-up system, ink changes on-the-fly and three individually controlled heaters for faster drying.

Ideal Application
Application possibilities of the Mutoh ValueJet 1624 include production of posters, banners, long-term back lit signage, building and construction announcements, photo-realistic prints, POP displays as well as signs, stickers and much more.

Key Features

  • 64-inch High Performance and High Speed Indoor/Outdoor Mutoh Printer
  • Greatly Improved Print Speeds--Can Print High Resolution Images up to 313 sqft/hr
  • Movable Ink Cartridge Holder for Both 220mL and 440mL Cartridges
  • Optional SPECTROVUE VM-10 Spectrophotometer--Developed Specifically for On-Printer Color Calibration
  • High Print Resolutions of 360, 540 and 720 dpi in 12 Print Modes
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Printing Applications