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O.R.I.S. Works™ forms the basis for the start and continuation of document-related, automatic processes. A large number of routine jobs can easily be automated using O.R.I.S. Works™.

The underlying hotfolder principle assigns a workflow station in the form of a configurable application to a directory on your hard disk - or to any directory in the network. All of the stations of a workflow can be linked in a chain using O.R.I.S. Works™.

O.R.I.S. Works™ establishes the start, course and result of a workflow as well as result-controlled or name-related branches.

CGS supplies predefined hotfolders for a variety of applications. For example:

  • O.R.I.S. Color Tuner™ for the color space transformation of images (e.g. offset after gravure printing)
  • O.R.I.S. Works™ OPI for the replacement of high-res. with low-res. images
  • Adobe Distiller for the conversion of PostScript to PDF

Most of the underlying applications are based on O.R.I.S. Page™ and can be easily tailored to and configured for the user's specific requirements. The configuration of all workflow steps is carried out with O.R.I.S. Works™ under a uniform user interface. In addition to this, O.R.I.S. Works™ allows the assignment of nearly all PC applications to a hotfolder.

Controllable Results
The completion of each step is written to a log file and recorded in a set of statistics.