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Shiraz Server RIP

Shiraz Server RIP

Shiraz Server

  • Easy to use RIP Software for Printing
  • Windows, Mac OS X and Linux versions
  • Full PostScript Level 3 and PDF 1.7 compatible
  • Layout, tiling, size and crop
  • Workflow and queue management
  • Excellent ICC colour management, linearization and ink limiting
  • Spot colour support
  • Multiple channel support
  • RIP on the fly
  • Multiple device support
  • High quality screening
  • Built-in costing module
  • Support for all major large format printer brands

Shiraz Server: The industry leading large format client/server RIP software for printing with over 15 years of continuous development. The only RIP software available on all three major platforms with the exact look and feel and feature list.

The versatile and powerful RIP solution that can be configured to cater for the smallest to the most demanding users. Multiple simultaneous printers can all be driven smoothly and with total control from the same central server. Any number of clients on the homogenous (Windows, Mac OSX and Linux) network are able to submit their jobs to the required print queue.

Users can choose from a number of available client applications for their job preparation in Shiraz Server.. Each of these front ends is specifically designed for the different type of applications in the large format printing market. These include signage, layout, photo/fine art and textile. These client applications include all the relevant functions that enable the users to quickly and easily prepare their print jobs. Also available is the ability for automatic workflow with use of the extremely powerful hot folders and templates system. The system can also be configured to be totally transparent to the users on a network and be printed to just like any native printer driver by the use of the Shiraz port monitor.

Shiraz Software

Underneath all this sophistication and features lies the most powerful print engine. The seamless integration of the AdobeĀ® PDF libraryT to the Shiraz RIP technology means that no matter what print jobs are thrown at the RIP it will process and print these jobs accurately, quickly and easily each time and every time. The specially designed Shiraz printer drivers make sure that all media and ink usage are fully optimised. The live polling of printer status and information by the server minimises the user intervention and ensures the smooth running of the production. Any changes in the printer status is automatically picked up by the server and acted upon accordingly. For example a media change that results in a different available print area will trigger an automatic re-nest of print jobs or holding of jobs that do not match the newly loaded media type.

For users who wish to create their own media profiles there is the Shiraz Colour Module. The easy and step by step interface guides you through the complete process and enables even the novice operator to create quality media profiles. There is also the option of creating or editing spot tables that will be used by the RIP when needed. All leading brands of colour instruments are fully supported.

To make sure the mooth running of the system the Shiraz Server software package includes a number of very useful tools. These include, automatic updating to ensure the system is always kept up to date. Remote connection software that allows qualified Shiraz engineers to remotely access and diagnose or help with any queries and many other useful tools.

Shiraz Server System Requirements

Shiraz Software