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Graphtec CE5000-40 Craft ROBO Pro

Graphtec CE5000-40 Craft ROBO Pro

CE500-40 /Craft ROBO Pro - Professional Desktop

The Craft ROBO Pro is based on Graphtec's CE5000 series of professional cutting plotters.

The Craft ROBO Pro has a maximum cutting width of 15" (takes media up to 19" wide), with a max cutting speed up to 16" per second, and a cutting force up to 300gƒ. With such a fast, accurate and versatile desktop cutting plotter, you can contour cut most any media pre-printed—from your choice of inkjet, solvent based and laser printer.

Craft ROBO Pro is perfect for all kinds of media cutting applications including vinyl, heat and image transfer media, card stock, contour cut stickers, labels, wrappers, hang tags, scrapbooking, architectural modeling, stencil cutting for paint masking and etching masking, plus many others applications.

Mock-ups and comps of packaging and designs can all be done at your desktop without the wait and cost of custom dies. The Craft ROBO Pro's Auto Registration Mark Detection commands contour cuts (die cuts) directly from Adobe Illustrator® with the included *Cutting Master 2 plug-in.

The CE5000-40 Craft ROBO Pro also comes with ROBO Master Pro design software (Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7).

*Cutting Master 2 is GRAPHTEC'S software plug-in that allows you to design and cut directly from CorelDraw® or Adobe Illustrator®.

*Mac compatible with systems running full version of Adobe Illustrator®
version 10-CS4.