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HP Latex 330

HP Latex 330

The HP Latex 330 is the latest 3rd generation 64-inch Latex Printer that combines application versatility with affordability, handling larger & heavier rolls and printing up 50 m²/hour - Billboard (2 pass)
23 m²/hour - Outdoor High Speed (4 pass), 13 m²/hour - Indoor Quality (8 pass) & 10 m²/hour - Indoor High Quality (10 pass). 

- Beat client expectations for quality & durability
- Offer more - print on traditional signage substrates and beyond up to 64 inches wide
- Produce sharp, consistent, repeatable image quality with high efficiency curing, 6 colours, and 1200 x 1200 dpi
- Consider un-laminated use with a scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks on SAV and PVC banner
- Deliver with confidence - outdoor prints last up to 5 years laminated & 3 years un laminated
- Print and deliver in record time with fast warm-up and immediate ripping with prints coming out completely dry
- Front media loading for ease of use & save space
- Use optimised profiles, customise your own with HP Quick Substrate Profiling
- Easy to use FlexiPrint HP edition RIP included with printer (all you need is an allocated Windows 7/8 pc)
- Turn you & your operator’s attention to other tasks with automatic, reliable, low-maintenance HP Latex printing