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HP Scitex FB700

HP Scitex FB700


Boost your productivity with a printer that lets you print fast and load simultaneously. Print high-quality results on virtually any rigid and flexible media and watch your business grow. Enjoy peace of mind with a robust and reliable device..

  • Print fast, produce high-volumes, and increase your capacity - load, print, and collect media simultaneously.
  • Load up to 6 sheets of media fast with the help of automated features. No masking is required.
  • Reduce interruptions - no daily printhead maintenance; remote monitoring with the HP Embedded Web Server.
  • Choose the right speed and quality to meet each customer requirement.
  • Wow your clients with incredible image quality - up to 1200 x 600 optimized dpi - and outdoor display permanence.
  • Show clients what's possible. Do more with white ink, double-sided prints, matte/gloss, and full bleeds.
  • Do more - print on virtually any rigid or flexible media, with good ink adhesion.
  • Say yes to just about any request - even when asked to print on thick, heavy, and long materials.
  • Fit this printer comfortably into your printshop.
  • Rely on a robust, high-volume design - including a sturdy media advance system and heavy-duty tables.
  • The HP Scitex FB700 Printer makes it easier than ever to use white ink.
  • Experience peace of mind with this reliable HP Scitex printer