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Kala Mistral 1650

Kala Mistral 1650

Kala Mistral 1650 Laminator is a professional pressure sensitive lamination system providing high quality results for lamination, adhesive setting and mounting up to 165cm (65-inches) wide. The system’s upper roller is composed of Quartz elements which warm up the laminating film from 20°C to 60°C in order to improve the polymerization process of the film onto the print. This process eliminates micro bubbles commonly seen when pressure sensitive laminators are used without heater elements. Thus, aesthetically-pleasing bubble-free lamination is certain product!

User friendly and easy to operate, the Kala Mistral Laminator is capable of completing high volumes of varying finishing jobs in just a short period of time. Kala Mistral machines can be used easily with very little training required.

The Kala Mistral laminators are high-volume machines with heat assisted top rollers from 30-60°C.


  • High volume cold laminator with heat assisted top roller
  • Ideal for single sided lamination with or without backing paper, and mounting
  • Ideal for mounting on to boards up to 50mm
  • Adjustable speed up to 6.20m/min
  • Available in 65-inches (165 cm)
  • Five roll shafts and one unwinding shaft delivered with the machine for your convenience
  • Pivoting feeding tray facilitates easy loading of film rolls
  • Storage of up to four film rolls easily reachable under the laminator
  • Digital display of roller pressure
  • Optional electrical rewinding system to handle demanding run jobs
  • Reverse operation and emergency stop button
  • Motor control foot pedal