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Mutoh MP Inks

Mutoh MP Inks

New Mutoh MP inks! Bio based and truly going green

With a rock solid commitment to being environmentally friendly and operating as green as we can, Mutoh has pioneered the use of green inks. With the introduction of our Hybrid printer the ValueJet 1608HS, you can now print both car wraps and rigid substrates with the our revolutionary MP Ink.

MP Ink uses state-of-the-art resin chemistry and is around 60% BIO based, containing absolutely no HAP’s or Heavy Metals. MP Ink components are made from renewable resources and help reduced dependence on petroleum.

The ValueJet 1608HS with its MP Ink set will allow you to meet growing demand for environmentally responsible advertising campaigns. Fortune 500 companies are demanding green products more and more and now you can meet that demand.


Often inks can render recyclable substrates unrecyclable but not with MP Ink, recyclable substrates remain recyclable. MP Ink has meet standards of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance who has recommended that a BIO based product contain at least 50% BIO based materials.


And while it is environmentally friendly, MP Ink offers several performance improvements over other BIO based inks on the market. It offers high performance on vinyl and a wide range of plastics, it offers a wide color gamut and it is the only ink that prints to match the characteristics of the substrate - print matte on matte, glossy on glossy and texture on texture.


Clearly you don’t have to sacrifice quality to be green.