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Mutoh Valuejet 1624

Mutoh Valuejet 1624

The Mutoh ValueJet 1624 is ideal for every day graphic printing.

With easy to navigate controls and simple operation, the learning curve is short so you can focus on customers and profits.

Its competitive price and outstanding performance makes the 1624 a smart choice for entry into the graphic market or simply to add additional capacity to your shop.


Technology: Seventh generation printer head

Color: 4 cartridge, C,M,Y,K

Size: 1625mm

Printing size: 1615mm

Preheat before printing(30-50 degree),add heat when printing,       dry after finish printing.

Printing language: MH-RTL(RTL-PASS)

Printing mode:Quality1-4 / Graphics1-4 / Banner1-4 / Custom1        -17

Printing precision:Quality1-4 1440x1440dpi / 720x1440dpi

Graphics1-4    720x720dpi

Banner1-4      720x720dpi / 360x720dpi

Custom1-17     1440x1440dpi

Memory capacity:256M

Frequency:50 Hz / 60Hz±1Hz

Working environmental:20°C-32°C

Size: W 2698mm×D 886mm×H 1262mm

Weight: 160Kg