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Kala Arkane 1650 - UV

Kala Arkane 1650 - UV

The Kala Arkane 1650 (65") offers single-sided lamination, simultaneous lamination and adhesive mounting, encapsulation and board mounting up to 50mm (2") thick.

Laminator with upper heated roller up to 140°C (280°F), in a width of 1,65 m (65"). Ideal for the lamination of UV prints soft or rigid medias, application requiring an important level of pressure or for use with thermal film on one side.

Kala Arkane 1650 Overview

The Kala Arkane 1650 is a high-volume machine with heat assisted top roller from 140°C. The Arkane differs from the Kala Mistral range only in that the temperature of the top roller goes up to 140°C, so users would choose this model:

  • To use less expensive thermal film on one side for short term protection
  • To use special types of thermal laminating materials for signage
  • To use cold mounting films and thermal polyester films for budget applications

 Kala Arkane 1650 Main Benefits

  • High volume cold laminator with heat assisted top roller
  • Ideal for single sided lamination with or without backing paper, encapsulation and mounting
  • Ideal for mounting on to boards up to 50mm (2")
  • Adjustable speed up to 6.20m/min
  • Available in 1650mm (65")